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Prepare Your Home for Selling

Has the time come to put your house on the market? Or, perhaps you’ve already listed it and buyers aren’t quite biting yet! Well, we have a few tips for preparing your home for selling that might help bring potential buyers knocking at your door, literally.

Consider these 4 tips for preparing your home for selling:


Focus on projects that will add value to your home. Large and more expensive projects can take up a lot of time and may not yield a return on investment.  Some smaller renovations that add value are:

  • Adding a new garage door
  • Sanding and painting existing kitchen cabinets
  • Painting your walls neutral colors
  • A small bathroom makeover

These are renovations that will appeal to a wide range of buyers and help add the “wow” factor to your home!


Yes, you may have heard this before, but staging your house is a great way to sell your home quickly! You want buyers to get the sensation they just walked into a model home and instantly felt right at home. Now, if staging isn’t in your budget, try DECLUTTERING instead. You could rent a storage unit to store extra furniture and things that aren’t essentials while living there in the meantime. Don’t forget to organize your closets! Storage space can be a big selling factor.


A few minor touch-ups can go a long way towards making a favorable impression on potential buyers. You may not want to ignore that peeling paint on the siding or that leaky faucet in the bathroom. As much as you may be ready to bid farewell to your humble abode, you may want to put on your “buyers hat” and walk through your home as if it were the first time, acknowledging anything that needs to be spruced up.


This is crucial to making a good first impression! Potential buyers may overlook your house completely based on its exterior. Landscape is important, so you don’t want to neglect tending to your yard. Consider planting flowers, mowing the lawn and pruning the bushes to help make your yard immaculate. Also, a good pressure wash of your home’s siding could give your house that “shiny new penny” look.

We hope these tips help you in selling your home, please contact us today for further assistance in all of your Real Estate needs!