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Gaining Equity In Your Home

Gaining equity in your home is a solid way to provide yourself options for the future. Equity can provide a large nest egg or provide cash for a large down payment towards a different home Your home is the biggest investment you will have in your life. It’s important to maintain that investment and do…

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Prepare Your Home for Selling

Has the time come to put your house on the market? Or, perhaps you’ve already listed it and buyers aren’t quite biting yet! Well, we have a few tips for preparing your home for selling that might help bring potential buyers knocking at your door, literally. Consider these 4 tips for preparing your home for…

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Family Home Ownership

The National Association of Realtors recently released a study titled ‘Social Benefits of Homeownership and Stable Housing.’ The study confirmed a long-standing belief of most Americans: “Owning a home embodies the promise of individual autonomy and is the aspiration of most American households. Homeownership allows households to accumulate wealth and social status, and is the…

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